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The global, cross-sector conference on
technology supported learning and training

November 30 – December 4

Programme Overview

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Conference Highlights

Experts from around the globe are set to discuss an impressive variety of crucial, leading-edge issues facing learning and training.


Targeted Faculty Development for Distance Education Instruction



Mitigating Privacy, Data and Cyber Risks in Online Environments



Essential Skills and Behaviours of the New L&D



Navigating Personalised Learning in Digital Ecosystems

OEB speaker Andreas Schleicher

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),

OEB speaker Iffat Gill

Iffat Gill

The Code To Change, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Berin McKenzie

Berin McKenzie

United Nations System Staff College, Italy


Learning Ecosystems - Including What You Already Have



Design Thinking Meets Curriculum Design: a New Approach for Learner-centred Blended Learning



Instructional Models and Strategies to Develop Online Learning Experiences



Communication + Collaboration = Community?

OEB speaker Petar Mitrovic

Petar Mitrovic

Adidas Group, Germany

OEB speaker Annelies Calmeyn

Annelies Calmeyn

KU Leuven, Belgium

OEB speaker Paulyn Duman

Paulyn Duman

United Nations System Staff College, Germany


Testing Times for Feedback, Assessments and Examinations?



Learning Experiences in Physical, Online and Hybrid Learning Spaces



Designing Virtual Training Classes



Learning After 50? What Could "These People" Add to Our World?

OEB speaker Eva Lindig

Eva Lindig

Code University, Germany

OEB speaker David Rault

David Rault

Pictet Wealth Management, Switzerland

OEB speaker Afif Rustom

Afif Rustom

VitalSource, Dubai


"Doing" and "Making": How to Support Project Based Learning and Makerculture?



Trusted Badge Systems and Digital (Micro) Credentials Solutions: Progression to a Standard



Designing the Post-Corona Education Arena (OR: Digital Design Jam for Educational Futures)



Creating Post-Covid Education Futures

OEB speaker Garnet Berry

Garnet Berry

LinkedIn Learning, Ireland

OEB speaker Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig

University Ventures, USA

OEB speaker Anne-Marie Chase

Anne-Marie Chase

Australian Council for Educational Research, Australia


Learning Leadership to Tackle the Threat of Ongoing Disruption



Immersive Technologies for Training and Teaching



Personalised Learning and Personalisation Options: Let's Get It Clear



The Future of Skills and Employability: Deeper Learning and Transferable Knowledge

OEB speaker Andy Lancaster

Andy Lancaster

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK

OEB speaker Katharina Hammler

Katharina Hammler

Fundación Paraguaya, Paraguay

OEB speaker Mariana Mocanu

Mariana Mocanu

University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania


(Digital) Vocational Education and the Labour Market



Go Blended: Design a Blended Learning Programme for Your Institution



Learning to Achieve a Sustainable Future



A New State of Institutional Preparedness: Online Learning in the Wake of COVID-19

OEB speaker Joseph King'ori Githaiga

Joseph King'ori Githaiga

DanChurchAid, Kenya

OEB speaker Alvaro Caballero

Alvaro Caballero

ING, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Neelam Parmar

Neelam Parmar

Ashford School, UK


Work Life Projects Online: Value Creation for Students, Teachers and Businesses



Identifying and Alliviating Stressors to Improve Wellbeing and Learning



How to Create Proximity through Online Debate Videos



Getting Hands-on with Student-activating Teaching

OEB speaker Ismini Vasileiou

Ismini Vasileiou

De Montfort University, UK

OEB speaker Guy Wilmshurst-Smith

Guy Wilmshurst-Smith

Head of Network Rail Training,

OEB speaker Friedrich Hesse

Friedrich Hesse

Global Learning Council, Germany


Plenary Debate "This House Believes Universities, in Their Current Form, Are Unsustainable and Should Be for the Elite Only"



Inspiring Schools' Digital Capacities



Learn to Use AI Tools for OER: X5GON



Practical Teaching in Virtual Reality Classrooms

OEB speaker Lyonel Kaufmann

Lyonel Kaufmann

HEP Vaud, Switzerland

OEB speaker Benjamin Hertz

Benjamin Hertz

European Schoolnet, Belgium

OEB speaker Cristine Gusmão

Cristine Gusmão

Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

OEB speaker Tuija Kristiina Marstio

Tuija Kristiina Marstio

Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Neela Parmar: Remote Learning in Practice



Educational Support for Teachers at Times of Need: Key Factors for Creating Engaging Online Courses



Speexx Exchange 2020 // The New Normal: The Acceleration of Digital Transformation in HR & L&D



Open Course Development with OER Tools: Liascript

OEB speaker Maria Amata Garito

Maria Amata Garito

International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Italy

OEB speaker Marjut Anderson

Marjut Anderson

CSC - Finnish IT Center for Science, Finland

OEB speaker Barbara Wasson

Barbara Wasson

Professor and Director at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology at the University of Bergen,

OEB speaker Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson

GA Partnership, UK

OEB speaker Richard Cannane-Zemp

Richard Cannane-Zemp

Trafigura PTE LTD, Switzerland

OEB speaker Jacqueline Daniell

Jacqueline Daniell

Wey Education PLC, UK

OEB speaker Rebecca Garrod-Waters

Rebecca Garrod-Waters

Ufi, The VocTech Trust, UK

OEB speaker Boeta Pretorius

Boeta Pretorius

North-West University, South Africa

OEB speaker Gila Kurtz

Gila Kurtz

Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

OEB speaker Tanja Halttunen

Tanja Halttunen

Axxell Utbildning Ab, Finland

OEB speaker Robert May

Robert May

Ivoclar Vivadent AG, Liechtenstein

Keynote Speakers

Four plenaries feature world-class keynote speakers: proven experts with contributions that will take you on a journey far beyond conference themes. Bringing new perspectives and new impulses for innovation. Speakers will include:

OEB speaker Elisabetta Galli

Elisabetta Galli

Global Head of Knowledge, Development & Talent at Banco Santander, Spain

OEB speaker Marina Gorbis

Marina Gorbis

Executive Director of the Institute for the Future (IFTF),

OEB speaker Sean Michael Morris

Sean Michael Morris

Director of the Digital Pedagogy Lab at the School of Education and Human Development, University of Colorado Denver,

OEB speaker Tony O'Driscoll

Tony O'Driscoll

Adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and Research Fellow at Duke Corporate Education,

OEB speaker Andreas Schleicher

Andreas Schleicher

Director for Education and Skills at Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),

OEB speaker Barbara Wasson

Barbara Wasson

Professor and Director at the Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology at the University of Bergen,

OEB speaker David White

David White

Head of Digital Learning at the University of the Arts London,

OEB speaker Guy Wilmshurst-Smith

Guy Wilmshurst-Smith

Head of Network Rail Training,

Speakers and Chairpersons Include

Theme: Making Learning Meaning

What do we want from learning? What do we expect from it in the future? And how can technology help us achieve it? We need to think about our ultimate objective, both individually and collectively.
We talk about ‘transformative' change but do we really understand what we mean? We say we want to put learning "at the heart of life", we are passionate about educational opportunity, we care deeply about lifelong learning but do we even know what our real goal is? Where do we want to go and how do we get there? How do we give real significance to education and training? How do we make learning mean something? How does learning become meaningful?

OEB Global 2020 will not only look at the process of learning, but also its purpose, asking what we want to make learning mean. Like a star above the horizon, it will help point the way to our destination.

Subthemes and Key Topics

Conference subthemes revolve around what will be crucial for schools and higher education, what will be hot for workplace learning and training and what will be most pressing for policy making. Find out more below or download the list of subthemes here.

Education Futures

  • Leadership, faculty transformation
  • New roles and continuous professional development for educators
  • Digital and didactic/pedagogical skills: taking full advantage of tech
  • Policy and strategy
  • Partnerships and collaboration between education/training providers and businesses

The New L&D

  • Recession-proofing the role: showing L&D leadership
  • The new operating model for L&D
  • Engaging with the business and demonstrating value
  • Transforming digital skill sets, achieving workplace success
  • Digital transformation of the workplace and of L&D
  • The vital role of the coach-manager
  • Supporting an effective workplace culture

Tech Triggers

  • Hyper-interactive media: text, video, serious games
  • Integrating the immersive: mixed realities, AR and VR
  • Podcasts, webcasts, webinars and vodcasts
  • Mobile delivery
  • Mind boggling tech: invasive technologies for learning, robotics and more

Assessing Skill and Competence

  • Learning agency and self-directed learning
  • Micro-credentials, digital certificates, nano-degrees and recognition of prior learning
  • In-demand and on-demand knowledge: competence based and project-based education programmes
  • Assessment practices: why, how, when, where and who
  • Testing and (remote) proctoring


Supporting Workforce Performance

  • Performance support, productivity and workload reduction
  • Tech-supported coaching and mentoring
  • Upskilling and reskilling
  • Policy and strategy
  • Self-directed learning, knowledge management
  • Flexible education paths, degree-apprenticeships, vocational training

Implementing and Scaling up

  • Platform features and capabilities of the MLE, LMS, LXP, CMS, VLE, LRS
  • Networks, interoperability and digital convergence
  • Services and information systems for talent management, online student recruitment and more
  • Access and inclusiveness
  • Automation

Data and Learning: Who's in Control?

  • Personalisation and adaptive delivery
  • AI and learning analytics
  • Datifying learning materials
  • Data protection, trust, bias and ethics
  • Open access, open data, open educational practices
  • Student-centred data models

Design and Delivery in the Online Learning Jungle

  • Flexible delivery: F2F, blended, social or fully online
  • Interaction and connections in (collaborative, peer, social) learning spaces
  • Designing content, curricula and online degree programmes
  • Proven learning models, techniques and theories
  • Research and science of learning

Formats for Active Participation

Formats reflect the diverse ways in which the event supports knowledge exchange for all education stakeholders. They are designed to inspire, create new knowledge, showcase, engage and debate. Making sure that active participation fully connects you with the boldest new thinking, shaping the future of learning and training.

Plenary Keynotes

World-class keynote speakers will take you on a journey far beyond the conference themes.


Filled with ideas and activities to develop practical skills.

Learning Cafés

Gain a deeper understanding and share ideas by discussing questions in small groups in several rounds.


Connect with expert practitioners during and after their talks.


Edtech Insights

Special Interest Group Sessions

Topic-focused networking, encouraging communities to connect around shared interests.

Lunchtime Mindfulness

Less stress and clearer thoughts - join our mindfullness lunchtime breaks

Panels and Debates

Short, thought-provoking and stimulating presentations from experts in the field, followed by dialogue and discussion.

Connecting Conversations

(speed) Networking and matchmaking opportunities

Fireside Chats

Topic-focused networking, encouraging communities to connect around shared interests.