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Unleashing Potential: Empowering Tomorrow's Learning Leaders


Unleashing Potential: Empowering Tomorrow's Learning Leaders

This year, the OEB Global Conference is excited to introduce the "30 under 30" programme, designed to spotlight the next generation of leaders who are pioneering change and innovation in the realm of learning and education.

This initiative seeks to recognise and celebrate thirty individuals under the age of thirty, whose ground-breaking work embodies the spirit of open, sustainable, and inclusive learning. By providing a platform for these young visionaries, the OEB Conference aims to highlight fresh, diverse perspectives and cutting-edge ideas that can challenge the status quo and inspire learning communities worldwide. Participants of the "30 under 30" programme will have the unique opportunity to share their insights and projects with a global audience, fostering dialogue and collaboration among educators, policymakers, and innovators across the globe. At the thirtieth edition of OEB Global, we will celebrate the achievements and potential of these remarkable change-makers who are shaping the future of education.

Application deadline: 15 September 2024

Entry Criteria

You should be:

Born after 01 November 1994 (You must be under 30 during OEB 2024).
A young professional working in the learning technology sector or studying in a bachelor or master programme at a university.
Interested in developing your career in the learning industry.
Supported by your professor/ superior/ manager/ mentor to participate in this programme and their willingness to pay travel expenses.
Willing and excited to participate in event activities focused on our 30 under 30 cohort.
Willing to play a role in the OEB Global Conference programme and to participate in the mentoring activities at OEB.
Highly energetic, outgoing, and eager to connect with people with the same spirit and vision.

We will provide

We will provide a hosted programme for 30 learning professionals under the age of 30 at OEB 2024 and provide support, visibility, voice and development for the next generation of learning leaders.

Each member of the 30 under 30 cohort will receive:

  • An invitation to the Speaker Reception the evening before the OEB Conference in Berlin to get in contact with Speakers of the OEB Conference.
  • Participation in mentoring possibilities at the event with leading industry figures.
  • Unique development and feedback activities with peers.
  • Interactive time with key speakers and other learning technologies leaders.
  • A free ticket to the OEB 30th edition networking party.
  • A free conference ticket.


Apply Now

Participation in the 30 under 30 programme comes at no cost when applying or being nominated.

Successful applicants who join the 30 under 30 2024 cohort can also attend the conference free of charge. We encourage emerging leaders in education and technology to seize this opportunity without any initial financial barrier. However, selected participants will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.