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In an era defined by climate change, global conflicts, and democracies under pressure, the roles of learning and education are increasingly vital. Education, historically a foundation of hope and progress, now faces the challenge of staying relevant and effective in a rapidly changing world. This situation underscores the urgency for a significant shift in our approach to learning, moving towards an antifragile mindset where we not only withstand but also grow stronger from the challenges and changes, we face.

As we stand at this critical juncture, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies are playing a transformative role in both education and the workforce. This shift is not about machines replacing humans but rather augmenting our capabilities. AI offers the chance to take on some of the most monotonous and repetitive tasks, freeing up humans for more complex and creative endeavours. This technology enables us to focus on fostering wisdom and adaptability, essential skills in a job market profoundly influenced by AI. Traditional skills, while still valuable, are no longer the sole determinants of success.

In this transformative era, the goal is to not only impart knowledge but to augment human intelligence, enhancing our ability to think, learn, and innovate. As machines excel at their designated functions, humans have the unique opportunity to excel at being human – to engage in higher-level thinking, emotional intelligence, and creative problem-solving.

This period of change is more than a challenge; it's an unparalleled opportunity to redefine learning. Our focus should shift towards developing abilities that embrace wisdom, adaptability, and an antifragile approach, crucial for thriving in a dynamically evolving world. Embracing these changes requires not just new skills, but a new mindset - one that sees continuous learning, adaptability, and resilience as key to navigating the future.

It's time to brace not for hardship, but for a profound transformation that redefines the essence of learning, competences, and knowledge. We are at the threshold of an era where every step forward is a stride towards wisdom, vision, and antifragile strength. Brace for transformation, embrace it with courage, and prepare to augment your human potential in ways previously unimaginable.