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"OEB is exciting, impressive and highly innovative."

Nell Watson, Founder of Poikos, Belgium


"It's the best event of its kind in the world."

Andrew Keen, Author & Producer of salonFutureCast, USA


"…… a mind-blowing conference!"

Maria Z. Sommer, Cphbusiness, Denmark

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Submit your ideas for a topic, talk or session by May 29th, 2017!

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"It's about giving people a compass and navigation tools to find their own way through an increasingly volatile, complex world and this conference is absolutely central to that."

Andreas Schleicher, OECD, France

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"I feel like I really found my tribe at OEB: people who care about transforming how learning works."

Mark Surman, Mozilla Foundation, Canada

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Diverse. Collaborative. Transformative.

2,300+ participants from 100+ countries

270+ international speakers from 40+ countries

80+ exhibitors & sponsors

100+ interactive sessions

15 pre-conference events

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Theme 2017: Learning Uncertainty

Theme 2017: Learning Uncertainty

Uncertainty is the defining characteristic of our age. Can we learn to live with it? Can we accept it, manage it and even thrive on it?

We live in an age of acceleration. We are in the midst of a sea-change - a profound, transformative shift in knowledge, experience and perception.

It is a new era defined by technology, globalisation, information and, above all, uncertainty.
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OEB is the meeting place for learning and technology professionals from the corporate, education and public sectors.

2,300+ delegates from 100+ countries
80+ international exhibitors
100+ dynamic sessions
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If you would like to be involved in shaping the agenda, you can propose a topic, talk or session by submitting your ideas by May 29th, 2017.

Strategically position your brand as a market leader to the OEB community of learning, training and technology professionals.

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Home: What Participants Say

Maria Post, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

It's exceeded my expectations. I've learned so much already: how to create videos, how to make flipping the classroom more realistic... As a teacher, it's perfect for me.

Michael Trozzo, McKinsey, Germany

It was fantastic. I'm looking forward to attending more.

Cornelia Dahlem, Future Impacts, Germany

It's a very open atmoshpere where everybody shares with each other. You have lots of inspiring presentations as well as today's use cases in the exhibition area.

Luc Steels, Vrije Universiteit Brussel Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Belgium

I think OEB is an incredible conference; it really brings together everybody working in this domain of digital education - people doing research, building tools, teachers, small companies, big companies. It's a fabulous meeting ground.

David Price, We Do Things Differently, UK

It's been fantastic; there's a real buzz about the place. 

Toby Walsh, University of New South Wales, Australia

I've been impressed by the number of companies here and the startup vibe. It's interesting to think where it's going to take us. 

Jeff Kortenbosch, AkzoNobel, The Netherlands

My biggest takeaways from this event are inspiration and a deeper sense of purpose. It’s been an awesome experience and one that has strengthened my beliefs and energised me for the journey ahead.

Ana Matasic, Consulio, Croatia

This is the best conference in the education sector.

Luis Guardarrama, Athabasca University, Canada

In just three days you can learn about everything that's happening in the e-learning industry, all over the world. Great presentations, very interesting topics.

Ernestine Telleman, New Heroes, The Netherlands

It's a really great place to come for developers. 

Regina Obexer, Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

OEB is one of those conferences that really inspires. There are always new ideas, fantastic keynotes and the opportunity to mix with colleagues from all over the world - it's amazing.

Ricard Mateu Guasch, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain

It's really impressive how so many people are really involved and really motivated. It's great to see how far we can go.

Patrick Ryan, Z Group, USA

There's a real diverse group of people here, all in the learning space. It's a great learning experience, a great networking opportunity. 

Sandeep Aneja, Kaizen Private Equity, India

We are here because we believe to being exposed to innovations that are taking place all over the world and learning from the audience enables us to be better investors.

Jo Swinson, Former Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills, UK

This has been an inspiring, interesting and creative experience. The exhibition is absolutely buzzing!

Yannis Skourojiannis, Artist, Greece

Some of the most important companies, researchers, developers are here.