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Keynote Speakers

Plenaries feature world-class keynote speakers: proven experts with contributions that will take you on a journey far beyond conference themes. Bringing new perspectives and new impulses for innovation. Speakers will include:

OEB speaker Brent Anders

Brent Anders

Director of Institutional Research and Analysis, Center for Teaching and Learning, Lecturer , American University of Armenia, Armenia

OEB speaker Sian Bayne

Sian Bayne

Professor of Digital Education, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Christina Bösenberg

Christina Bösenberg

Managing Director, BCG Brighthouse, Germany

OEB speaker Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Chief Learning Officer, Novartis, Switzerland

OEB speaker Donald Clark

Donald Clark

eLearning Expert and Strategist, Plan B Learning, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi

Professor of Cognitive Science and Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Centre, Yale University, United States of America

OEB speaker Beth Havinga

Beth Havinga

Founder and Managing Director, Connect-EdTech, Germany

OEB speaker Maximilian Jarrett

Maximilian Jarrett

Former Radio Presenter, BBC World Service, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Helen Lee Bouygues

Helen Lee Bouygues

Founder & President, Reboot Foundation, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger

CEO, Aspire Change EDU, United States of America

OEB speaker Donald H Taylor

Donald H Taylor

Chair, Learning Technologies, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Tim Unwin

Tim Unwin

Emeritus Professor of Geography, Royal Holloway, University Of London, United Kingdom