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OEB speaker Eva Vanova

Eva Vanova

Senior Learning Consultant, ING

Eva is a Senior Learning Consultant at ING. Based in Amsterdam, she is currently leading the global learning strategy and portfolio of ING's own innovation methodology. It is more important than ever to make digital learning effective and engaging. As a learning professional with over 10 years of experience in L&D, agile program management and coaching, Eva enjoys and aims to create learning experiences that are exciting and programs that are scalable. Born in Slovakia, she has been studying, living and working in various countries, including the Netherlands, U.K., Poland and the U.S. Prior to ING, she has been gaining experience by managing and implementing learning solutions and delivering learning events in both small companies as well as large corporations, such as or Shell. She has a diploma in L&D by CIPD, London and is an Insights certified Coach and Facilitator. She is an advocate of hands on learning, which sparks curiosity and provokes critical thinking. As a Systemic Coach, she accompanies her clients to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.