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OEB speaker Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi

Professor of Cognitive Science and Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Centre, Yale University, United States of America

Luciano Floridi is Professor of Cognitive Science and Founding Director of the Digital Ethics Centre at Yale University and Professor of Sociology of Culture and Communication at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, where he directs the Centre for Digital Ethics.

He is a world-renowned expert on digital ethics, the ethics of AI, the philosophy of information, and the philosophy of technology. He has published more than 300 works, translated into many languages. He is deeply engaged with policy initiatives on the socio-ethical value and implications of digital technologies and their applications and collaborates closely on these topics with many governments and companies worldwide.

Well-renowned for being one of the most authoritative voices of contemporary philosophy, he is considered the founding father of the philosophy of information and one of the major international interpreters of the digital revolution. His works have been translated into many languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. The research project of his life is a tetralogy (not his term) on the foundation of the philosophy of information, called Principia Philosophiae Informationis.

Raffaello Cortina Editore has published several of his books: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (2022); Green and Blue - Naive ideas to improve politics (2020); Thinking the Infosphere - Philosophy as Conceptual Design (2019); and The Fourth Revolution - How the infosphere is transforming the world (2017). Floridi is the creator and curator of the Onlife Manifesto, freely available Open Access on the Springer website:

In 2022, Floridi was awarded the title 'Cavaliere di Gran Croce dell'Ordine al Merito' of the Italian Republic.