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OEB speaker Njeri Mwagiru

Njeri Mwagiru

Senior Futurist at Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at Stellenbosch University Business School

Njeri is a Senior Futurist at the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) at Stellenbosch University Business School.

Her work focuses on strengthening capabilities of individuals, organisations and states in Africa, to navigate complexity and uncertainty, to realise long-term goals and visions. Her research interests include leadership, organisational performance, knowledge, gender and diversity, inclusivity and transformation.

Njeri has a Masters in International Relations and holds a PhD in Business Administration. She is also co-founder of a research and business development organisation that facilitates long-term institutional partnership building.

She has worked with a range of organisations in several capacities and contexts including research; higher education teaching and skills building; executive management training;  policy, strategy and programme development; short course design, planning and delivery; project management and coordination; evaluation of initiatives for valued business, public sector, and international partners.

Her vocation is to support knowledge sharing and exchange, to facilitate integrated strategic planning, and enhance evidence-based decision making and high performance to achieve desired futures.