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OEB speaker Brent Anders

Brent Anders

Director of Institutional Research and Analysis, Center for Teaching and Learning, Lecturer , American University of Armenia, Armenia

Brent A. Anders, Ph.D. has a Doctorates degree in Education (focusing on online learning, educational technology, and instructional methodologies) and currently works as the Director of the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, and the Center for Teaching and Learning at the American University of Armenia.

He also serves as a lecturer on the topic of professional communication. His research interests are, AI in education, student motivation, and educational professional development.

Anders has done multiple public speaking events throughout the US and other parts of the world to include Australia, Tunisia, Germany, and Armenia. He has authored multiple books, research articles, and blog posts dealing with educational methodologies, online learning, and educational technology.

His second book on AI, “The AI Literacy Imperative: Empowering Instructors & Students” is now available on Amazon and focuses on the important need for everyone in academia to develop AI literacy skills in order to better develop students to be able to succeed in this fully integrated AI world.