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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Formats for Active Participation

Formats reflect the diverse ways in which the event supports knowledge exchange for all education stakeholders. They are designed to inspire, create new knowledge, showcase, engage and debate. Making sure that active participation fully connects you with the boldest new thinking, shaping the future of learning and training.

Plenary Keynotes

Four plenaries feature world-class keynote speakers: proven experts with contributions that will take you on a journey far beyond conference themes. Bringing new perspectives and new impulses for innovation. 

Pre-conference Workshops

Half and full-day workshops are filled with activities to develop practical skills. Seats are limited, so make sure to sign up in advance.

Spotlight Stage Talks

A unique line-up of compelling speakers who will propel you to new outlooks on valuable, essential and meaningful change.

Learning and World Cafés

Discuss questions in small groups in several rounds and take advantage of the collective knowledge of the conference community to gain a deeper understanding and to share ideas.

Truth Zone Co-ops

This exciting session formats allows you to pick each other's brain and start co-writing the future of meaningful learning. "Go small or go big": you'll go further together.

Panel Sessions

Short, thought-provoking and stimulating presentations from experts in the field, followed by a discussion with the audience under the guidance of a chairperson.


A circular chair setup circle surrounds a ‘fishbowl’ of speakers. You will have the opportunity to step in and share your own best practice on the content matter, should you so wish.

Tech Labs

BYOD workshops with specific exercises to get a taste of using tools and/or software in your working environment.

Boardroom Dialogues

Casual discussions around a boardroom table, to share stories and experiences related to a specific topic. To promote the informal nature of the format, presentation slides aren't used.

Discovery Demos

Discovery demos are innovation showcases of tools, next generation materials and pre-release products for learning and training. This space is made for testing and trying out.

Free Exhibition Seminars

Free to attend for exhibition visitors and conference participants alike, these 30 minutes seminars showcase insights of leading industry suppliers.