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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition
on technology-supported learning and training

Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021


Theme 2021: Learning Resilience

In a world changed forever by a global pandemic, no single word is more important than 'resilience.' It is the secret to overcoming the past, the key to the future. But what do we mean by it? How can we become resilient? Should we learn resilience? Can it be taught? How should we invest in resilience? And how can we make learning itself resilient?


Conference sub-themes revolve around what will be crucial for schools and higher education, what will be hot for workplace learning and training and what will be most pressing for policy making. Open the boxes below or download an overview of all themes here.

Making Higher Education Fit for Purpose

Getting to Grips with Learning Design and EdTech

Stimulating Social Connectivity

Using Data to Accelerate Outcomes

The Individual in the Learning Organisation

Reconceptualising Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Tutoring

Achieving Policy Aspirations

Content for Good

L&D's Influence

Setting Course for Collaboration between Sectors

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Formats for Active Participation

Formats reflect the diverse ways in which the event supports knowledge exchange for all education and training stakeholders. They are designed to inspire, create new knowledge, showcase, engage and debate. Making sure that active participation fully connects you with the boldest new thinking, shaping the future of learning and training.

How To's

Instructions you can trust: obtain new knowledge from best practices.

Discussion Channels

Join the online informal communication channels alongside conference sessions.


Half day and full day workshops with interactive agendas enable you to develop in-depth, practical skills (separate sign-up).

Exhibition Seminars

Free to attend, these sessions showcase insights and solutions of leading industry suppliers.

Panels and Debates

Short, thought-provoking opinions and insights, followed by a moderated dialogue and discussion.

Plenary Keynotes

World-class keynote speakers take you on a journey far beyond the conference themes.

Fireside Chats

Topic-focused networking, encouraging communities to connect around shared interests.

Learning Cafés

Gain a deep understanding of themes and exchange ideas and actions with peers in small groups.


Solo, stand-alone talks followed by Q&A.

Boardroom Dialogues

Informal round-table conversations.

Spotlight Stage

Bringing your attention to the leading experts, thinkers, innovators and practitioners who create the future of learning.

Discovery Demo space

Showcase for next generation tools and pre-release products for learning and training.