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The 30th Annual Global, Cross-Sector Conference and Exhibition on Digital Learning

Shaping the Future of Learning

Welcome to OEB 2024, the global, cross-sector conference on technology-supported learning and training. Every year, OEB pushes the boundaries of EdTech and learning technology, by fostering dialogue and collaboration between high-level decision-makers from the education, business, and government sectors. Over the course of this transformative two-day event, you'll encounter the latest innovations and insights that are shaping the future of digital learning.

Whether you're looking to harness the potential of new technologies, develop pivotal policies, or drive forward the conversation about the digital revolution in education, OEB 2024 is the place to be. Join us to explore the themes and trends that are defining the future of learning!

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This Year's Theme

Theme 2024

Brace for Transformation:
The Courage to Redefine Learning

In an era defined by climate change, global conflicts, and democracies under pressure, the roles of learning and education are increasingly vital. Education, historically a foundation of hope and progress, now faces the challenge of staying relevant and effective in a rapidly changing world. This situation highlights the urgency for a significant shift in our approach to learning, moving towards an anti-fragile mindset where we not only withstand but also grow stronger from the challenges and changes we face.


Eleven inter-related subthemes with questions and topics that will be explored at the conference are set out below. By bringing together participants from the education, workplace learning and government sectors we will be critically examining these issues and the opportunities and challenges that are changing the world of learning.

Foundations and Future of Digital Learning

AI Integration and Emerging Technologies

Data-Driven Decision Making

Learner-Centric Approaches and Innovations

Empowering Professional Growth and Organisational Success

Credentialing, Assessment and Recognition of Learning

Open, Sustainable and Inclusive Education

Arts and Humanities in a Tech Driven World

Ethics, Policy, and the Socio-Economic Impact of EdTech

Educational Alliances for Workforce Evolution and Global Engagement

Antifragility in Action: Building Resilience and Adapting to Change

Formats for Active Participation

The diverse session formats on offer at the OEB Global Conference represent the wide range of interactive opportunities for facilitating knowledge transfer among all participants involved in education, training and learning. These formats are thoughtfully designed to spark inspiration, generate new insights, showcase innovative methods and cutting-edge approaches, foster engagement, and provoke thoughtful discourse. By actively participating, you will immerse yourself in the most pioneering ideas that are shaping the future landscape of learning innovation.

Seize the chance to be at the helm of transformation in learning and leadership. Witness ground-breaking talks, explore innovative solutions, and return as a harbinger of progress in your domain.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Half day and full day workshops before the main conference to develop in-depth, practical skills. Prior registration is required.

Plenary Keynotes

World-class keynote speakers share their take on pertinent issues on the future of learning.

Annual Debate

Parliamentary-style Debate Plenary Session bringing two opposing sides to the stage, allowing for a lively exchange of views on an important motion.

Spotlight Stage

Talks, interviews and debates featuring leading experts, thinkers, innovators and practitioners who create the future of learning.

Presentation Panels

Short presentations curated into a larger session and chaired by a moderator, followed by a lively and informative Q&A.

Learning Cafés

Concurrent group discussions in a large open room with round tables to exchange ideas and actions with peers.

Discussion Panels

Thought-provoking opinions by a panel of experts, followed by a moderated dialogue with an active, participating audience.

How Tos

Hands-on peer-learning exercises to take back and implement proven strategies in your working environment.

Boardroom Dialogues

A facilitator-led networking event around a specific theme or community that encourages attendees to connect around shared interests.

Discovery Demo Space

Discover free tools, next generation materials and pre-release products on an informal basis.

Exhibition Seminars

Free to attend, these sessions showcase insights and solutions of leading industry suppliers.

Interactive & Networking Formats

Networking opportunities abound, allowing peers to connect, collaborate, and share insights in the field of technology-enhanced learning.