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The OEB Global Conference & Exhibition is not just another educational event; it's a vibrant market place, a networking haven, and a forum for innovation that shapes the future of learning technologies and EdTech worldwide. When you choose to sponsor or exhibit at OEB, you position your brand at the forefront of the learning and Edtech revolution and directly engage with key players from around the globe.

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Targeting a Market that Matters


Your cutting-edge technologies, software, or innovative learning solutions deserve the spotlight that reaches those who matter most – industry professionals, learning practitioners, and decision-makers actively seeking out the next leap in educational technology. OEB Global is dedicated to bringing together a diverse group of attendees who are:

  • Eager to discover and invest in the latest learning technologies.
  • Looking to forge lasting partnerships with solution providers.
  • Influential leaders and experts advocating for technological advancements in education and training.

A World Stage at Your Feet

A World Stage at Your Feet

By exhibiting at OEB, you claim more than a space; you claim a presence on Europe’s leading cross-sector learning event:

Global Audience

From local innovators to international investors, OEB boasts an audience that spans across continents. Present your products or services to attendees from over 72 countries, allowing your brand to imprint its global footprint in the learning technology territory.

Hub of the Event

Exhibiting places you at the heart of the action, turning your stand into a central hub buzzing with potential clients and partners. The layout and schedule of the conference are designed to maximise foot traffic, ensuring your solutions receive the attention they deserve.

Networking with Industry Leaders and Visionaries

The OEB Global Conference attracts thought leaders, visionaries, and influencers who are shaping the future of education. Engage in meaningful conversations, share insights, and potentially cultivate relationships that can lead to lucrative collaborations.

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Reasons the Exhibit

More Reasons to Exhibit

  • Strategic Exposure: Showcase your brand to a dedicated audience in an environment that emphasises quality interactions and exchange of knowledge.
  • Community Engagement: Participate in a thriving ecosystem of learning professionals and be recognised as a significant player in this dynamic field.
  • Lead Generation: Capitalise on the unique opportunity to generate leads with delegates who have the power to make procurement decisions.
  • Competitive Advantage: Demonstrate your products live, gaining instant feedback and creating a memorable experience that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Client Attraction: Pitch your visitors to potential clients attending the conference seizing the chance to expand and elevate your business.

OEB more than an exhibition

The OEB Global Conference offers more than an exhibition — it's a defining moment for your brand to flourish amidst the elite of the learning community. Join us to display your commitment to innovation, quality, and the collective stride towards a technologically-empowered learning future.


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