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OEB Global Advisory Board

OEB speaker Peter Isackson

Peter Isackson

Managing Director, Skillscaper, France

OEB speaker Oliver Janoschka

Oliver Janoschka

Managing Director, Hochschulforum Digitalisierung, Stifterverband, Germany

OEB speaker Karoline Tellum-Djarraya

Karoline Tellum-Djarraya

Section leader, The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, The Directorate for Higher Education and Skills, Norway

OEB speaker Carlos Delgado Kloos

Carlos Delgado Kloos

Vice President for Strategy and Digital Education , Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

OEB speaker Graham Attwell

Graham Attwell

Director, Pontydysgu, UK

OEB speaker Philippe André Royer

Philippe André Royer

Cabinet K/Shaping, Germany

OEB speaker Richard Straub

Richard Straub

President, Global Peter Drucker Forum, Austria

OEB speaker Marco Kalz

Marco Kalz

Professor of Technology-Enhanced Learning, Heidelberg University of Education, Germany

OEB speaker Maren Deepwell

Maren Deepwell

Chief Executive, Association for Learning Technology, UK

OEB speaker Rafal Lew-Starowicz

Rafal Lew-Starowicz

Vice President, EdTech Poland, Poland

OEB speaker Jens Greefe

Jens Greefe

Chairman of EADL, Member of the Board, Director of Studies, European Association for Distance Learning (EADL), Bundesverband der Fernstudienanbieter, Germany

OEB speaker Michael Härtel

Michael Härtel

Head of Section, Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BiBB), Germany

OEB speaker Annette Peet

Annette Peet

Project Manager, SURF, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Nina Huntemann

Nina Huntemann

Chief Academic Officer, Chegg, USA

OEB speaker Sheila Jagannathan

Sheila Jagannathan

Global Head, Digital Learning & Capacity Building, The World Bank, USA

OEB speaker Sara de Freitas

Sara de Freitas

Executive Director, Study Group, UK

OEB speaker Herman Van Der Merwe

Herman Van Der Merwe

Deputy Dean: Teaching & Learning, North-West University, South Africa

OEB speaker Miho Tanaka Gumpp

Miho Tanaka Gumpp

Growth Advisor, Canterbury employers chamber of commerce, New Zealand

OEB speaker Luis Cadenas

Luis Cadenas

Chief Executive Officer, RedCLARA, Peru

OEB speaker Asha Kanwar

Asha Kanwar

Chair Professor, Beijing Normal University, Canada

OEB speaker Fawzi Baroud

Fawzi Baroud

Assistant Vice President for Information Technology - NDU & UNESCO Chair on Open Educational Resources (OER), Notre Dame University- Louaize, Lebanon

OEB speaker Sue Martin

Sue Martin

Global Head Personnel Certification at TÜV Rheinland Akademie GmbH, Germany

OEB speaker Abtar Kaur

Abtar Kaur

Professor, Innovative Digital Learning, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT), Malaysia

OEB speaker Thea Payome

Thea Payome

CHECK.point eLearning, Germany

OEB speaker Brian Mulligan

Brian Mulligan

Head of Online Learning Innovation, Institute of Technology Sligo, Ireland

OEB speaker Jef Staes

Jef Staes

Architect Learning and Innovative Organizations, FeNESTRA BVBA, Belgium

OEB speaker Ilona Buchem

Ilona Buchem

Professor of Media and Communication, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany

OEB speaker Jacques Dang

Jacques Dang

Secretary of the Board, L'Université Numérique, France

OEB speaker Jo Cook

Jo Cook

Live online learning specialist, Lightbulb Moment, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Dominic Orr

Dominic Orr

Senior Advisor digital transformation atingi learning platform, GIZ, Germany

OEB speaker Ildiko Mazar

Ildiko Mazar

European Digital Credentials for Learning Implementation Support, NTT Data, Spain

OEB speaker Irina Matthews

Irina Matthews

Learning Services Coordinator, GÉANT Vereniging (Association), United Kingdom

OEB speaker Ebba Ossiannilsson

Ebba Ossiannilsson

Board Member, ICDE, SADE, Sweden

OEB speaker Geraldine Voost

Geraldine Voost

Global L&D Manager, Bronkhorst High-Tech, Netherlands

OEB speaker Tom Wambeke

Tom Wambeke

Chief Learning Innovation, ITCILO, Italy

OEB speaker Wilfred Rubens

Wilfred Rubens

Consultant, Edublogger and Editor at,, Netherlands

OEB speaker Thomas Jenewein

Thomas Jenewein

Digital Ambassador, SAP , Germany