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OEB speaker Maren Deepwell

Maren Deepwell

Chief Executive, Association for Learning Technology, UK

Dr Maren Deepwell has been CEO of ALT, the Association for Learning Technology since 2012, shaping the direction of education technology and driving the field forward internationally.

Dr Deepwell is a seasoned keynote speaker, conference convener and writes regularly for publications in Higher and Further Education as well as policy development.

With a background in Anthropology, Dr Deepwell’s particular focus is on a critical perspective on the development and future of technology in education, professionalisation and skills in Learning Technology including development of the CMALT accreditation framework and leveraging technology to create greater equity in education.

Recent projects include open policy developmentedtech start ups and organisational transformation which puts her commitment to open leadership into practice. Her work is bridging Learning Technology discourse across sectors in the UK and internationally.