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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

1000s of ideas for shaping the future of learning

120+ innovative panels, informal boardroom dialogues, solution-orientated workshops and more. Sessions and speakers will include:



Finding a Path to the Future with Agile L&D Teams

OEB speaker Fjóla Hauksdóttir

Fjóla Hauksdóttir

IÐAN Educational and Vocational Center, Iceland

OEB speaker Lori Ann Macmullin

Lori Ann Macmullin

The Centre for Distance Education Inc., Canada


Frictionless Learning in Areas Where There is Friction - Presenting Conflict and Disaster-sensitive Digital Resources

OEB speaker Duncan Peberdy

Duncan Peberdy


OEB speaker Stella Collins

Stella Collins

Stellar Learning, UK and Spain


Real or Remote? Next-level Laboratory Education



How AI Can Bring Equitable Education to Every Child

OEB speaker Pia Groenewolt

Pia Groenewolt

ALL DIGITAL aisbl, Belgium

OEB speaker Keld Hvam

Keld Hvam

IBA - International Business Academy, Denmark

OEB speaker Oula Abu-Amsha

Oula Abu-Amsha

Jesuit Worldwide Learning, Switzerland

OEB speaker Beverlie Dietze

Beverlie Dietze

Okanagan College, Canada


Workplace Learning Loses – Unless We Engage Learners for Action

OEB speaker Erik Jentges

Erik Jentges

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

OEB speaker Cristine Gusmão

Cristine Gusmão

Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

OEB speaker Jan Haarhuis

Jan Haarhuis

Utrecht University, The Netherlands


A Marketplace for Digital Learning Objects in Higher Education



Knowledge Sharing and Networking with United Nations Agencies


Workplace Learning Track

Including best practices from Axa, InterIkea, Zalando and more


Holograms As Effective Educational Tools


OEB speaker David Schlumpf

David Schlumpf

Bank Julius Bär, Switzerland

OEB speaker Manuel Tercic

Manuel Tercic

Mersen Corporate Services, France

OEB speaker Kirill Barannikov

Kirill Barannikov

Moscow City University, Russia

OEB speaker Carin de Weme

Carin de Weme

AkzoNobel, The Netherlands


Does One Size Fit All? Designing Custom Active-Learning Classrooms for a Variety of Learning Challenges

OEB speaker Jitka Hlouskova

Jitka Hlouskova

University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

OEB speaker Jan Foelsing

Jan Foelsing

Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany


Future Skills for a Future University

OEB speaker Benjamin Doxtdator

Benjamin Doxtdator

Blogger and Educator at the International School of Brussels, Belgium


Preparing Students for Digital Learning Opportunities to Optimise Learning Performance

OEB speaker Erin Cawley

Erin Cawley

Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science Academy, USA

OEB speaker Binnaz Cubukcu

Binnaz Cubukcu

Inter IKEA Systems BV, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Theo Lynn

Theo Lynn

Irish Institute of Digital Business, Dublin City University, Ireland

OEB speaker Carl Miller

Carl Miller

Research Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, UK

OEB speaker Nigel Berrington

Nigel Berrington

European Patent Office, Germany


The Future Is Bright - On AI, Curricula and Skills Gaps


Implementing Digital Video-based Learning and Training

A Practical Roadmap for Digital Transformation

OEB speaker Nicole Müller

Nicole Müller

Geislinger GmbH, Austria

OEB speaker Tony White

Tony White

Allianz SE, Germany


Managing Change and Cultivating Opportunity - The Human Tech Side of Digital Transformation



Create Your Own Interactive Learning Story in Virtual Reality

OEB speaker Blaneth Mc Sharry

Blaneth Mc Sharry

CELT, NUI Galway, Ireland

OEB speaker Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger

International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE), USA

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OEB speaker Evelien Schilder

Evelien Schilder

The Regional Internet Registry Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), The Netherlands


How Remote Proctoring is Revolutionising Online Education



Are You Talking to Me? Learn How to Design a Chatbot

OEB speaker Audrey Watters

Audrey Watters

Education writer at Hack Education, independent scholar and author, USA

OEB speaker Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander

Futurist, researcher, writer and teacher at Georgtown University / Bryan Alexander Consulting, USA

Policy-shapers and Influcencers

From the Polish and the Catalonian Ministry of Education and the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany

OEB speaker Joleen Liang

Joleen Liang

Founding Member of the Artificial Intelligence + Adaptive Education Conference and Partner at Squirrel AI Learning, China


Developing Sustainable Learning Spaces in the Digital Age



Launching Your E-Learning Platform and Making It Successful

OEB speaker Mike Sharples

Mike Sharples

Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology at The Open University, Author and Lead of the "Innovating Pedagogy" Reports, UK

OEB speaker Paul Kirschner

Paul Kirschner

Professor, author and internationally recognised expert on interaction in learning and collaboration for learning, The Netherlands

OEB speaker Chris Boehler

Chris Boehler

innogy SE, Germany


Leading Change through Open Conversational Digital Practice

OEB speaker Alexander Zumdieck

Alexander Zumdieck

Deutscher Bundestag, Future of Work at the Unionsfraktion, Germany


The Value of E-Learning and Blended Learning in Any Sectors



Making Education and Technologies Inclusive

OEB speaker Gila Kurtz

Gila Kurtz

Holon Institute of Technology, Israel

OEB speaker Meghan Perdue

Meghan Perdue

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

OEB speaker Richard Straub

Richard Straub

Founder and President of the Peter Drucker Society Europe and of the Global Peter Drucker Forum, France

OEB speaker Laura Czerniewicz

Laura Czerniewicz

Director at the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CILT) and Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa

OEB speaker Mar Camacho Martí

Mar Camacho Martí

Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia, Spain

OEB speaker Fawzi Baroud

Fawzi Baroud

Notre Dame University, Lebanon,

OEB 2018 Event Report

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