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23 – 25



DEI Principles and Ethical Tech in Practice

Just as fast as digital technologies have accelerated learning and knowledge for many, a lack of access and a lack of focus on inclusion and specialised needs has left many behind. In this session we'll share what an all-embracing outlook and a readiness to pursue innovative design solutions can lead to.

We will also take a critical look at whether the solutions we are using are equitable, or whether they merely reinforce opportunities for those that are already being served.

Finally, an example will show how a technology ethics tool can build students' general capabilities and awareness on these important issues, and more.


OEB speaker Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson

Special Adviser, GA Partnership/e-Assessment Association, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Mark West

Mark West

Education Specialist, UNESCO

OEB speaker van der Vorst Rens

van der Vorst Rens

Technophilosopher, Fontys University, Netherlands

OEB speaker Johanna Steiner

Johanna Steiner

Education Management, equalizent Social Franchise, Austria

OEB speaker Simon Hayhoe

Simon Hayhoe

Reader in Education, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Supporting Neurodiversity and Students with Sensory and Communication Impairments Using Mainstream Mobile Technologies, Simon Hayhoe

Accessible eLearning Games for Deaf Learners, Johanna Steiner

How to Help Students Think About the Impact of Technology, van der Vorst Rens

TBC, Mark West