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23 – 25


OEB speaker Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson

Special Adviser, GA Partnership/e-Assessment Association, United Kingdom

Graham Hudson is a distinguished UK-based assessment consultant who has worked extensively for national examination boards and government agencies on managing and modernising examination systems. His career covers many milestones in educational and assessment reforms in the UK, including the introduction of GCSE examinations, national curriculum reforms and re-structuring A levels. He has delivered significant national marking programmes, undertaken nationally-funded research into the use of technology in assessment and introduced one of the first systems in the UK to scan examination scripts and mark from image. Latterly he has specialised in supporting business development for organisations and enabling the transition from paper-based assessment to digital delivery for many national and professional organisations. He has travelled extensively to promote and implement e-assessment solutions. In April 2021 he was appointed as a Board Member of Qualifications Wales, the regulator for all qualifications to university level in the nation. He will speak from his long-standing experience in this arena.