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OEB speaker van der Vorst Rens

van der Vorst Rens

Technophilosopher, Fontys University, Netherlands

Rens van der Vorst works as Technophilosopher at Fontys University. He teaches, writes and does research. Does technology make our lives better? And, what is exactly meant by better? Can we combine humor and technology and still communicate this very important message?

Rens van der Vorst is program lead of the Technology Impact Cycle Tool, a free online tool that helps people think about the impact of technology ( and runs A project to create a RunKeeper App for studying. He also manages a leading website on technophilosophy.

He is the author of "Waarom je altijd wilt winnen van je navigatiesysteem (2020)" a book with the 100 most important technological questions of today. He also wrote Smartphones are the New Smoking (Appen is het Nieuwe Roken in 2017) and writes columns for online and offline outlets. He gives a lot of talks, mostly as a keynote speaker, on our relation with technology. These talks are funny, confronting and interactive and for everyone. He also gave two TedxTalks on different subjects.

Rens van der Vorst (50) lives in Breda, is married and has two children.