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Berlin, December 1 — 3, 2021



Panel Presentation DAT134

Supporting Learner Progress with Design and Data

Date Thursday, Nov 28  Time   –   

How can the characteristics and data of (fully) online learners become a source of their support? Join to hear how institutions and educators are taking on the challenge to optimise programme design and the learning process.


OEB speaker Paul Bacsich

Paul Bacsich

Founder and Managing Director, Matic Media Ltd and University of West Indies Open Campus, UK


OEB speaker Colin Loughlin

Colin Loughlin

University of Surrey, UK

OEB speaker Rhona Sharpe

Rhona Sharpe

University of Surrey, UK

OEB speaker Jan Steffensen

Jan Steffensen

Associate professor, Dania Academy, Denmark

OEB speaker Marjo Susanna Joshi

Marjo Susanna Joshi

Senior Lecturer, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland