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OEB speaker Rhona Sharpe

Rhona Sharpe

University of Surrey, UK

Professor Rhona Sharpe is Head of Department of Technology Enhanced Learning at the University of Surrey, UK. Rhona has been researching learners’ experiences of technology for more than 15 years in both further and higher education. She is interested in the processes by which we design online learning spaces and the digital literacies and attributes that learners need in order to learn well in them.  She was founding chair of ELESIG: a special interest group for learner experience researchers (@ELESIG). Rhona’s interests in designing for learning and learner experience are well represented in two co-edited books Rethinking pedagogy for the digital age (2020) and Rethinking learning for the digital age (2010). Her latest book, 53 Interesting Ways to Support Online Learning, uses learner experience research to underpin practical ideas for teachers to use with their students.