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OEB speaker Jan Steffensen

Jan Steffensen

Associate professor, Dania Academy, Denmark

I am a professor at the Silkeborg branch of Dania Academy in Denmark (, and my main areas of expertise are applied statistics, survey methodology and more specifically web survey methodology. More recently, I have taken a keen interest in digital learning as the head of your online financial manager study program. I teach business students in all three subjects. My latest research project were aimed at analyzing the dynamics of personal relations between bank counsellors and their customers, specifically aimed at the process of financing of private purchases of real estate. Previously I have worked at the Danish Librarian School and at Aalborg University. In my non-working time, I like to fly fish and have visited places like Argentina, Canada, Botswana and Greenland.

I am 58 years old and lives with my wife in Randers, Denmark.