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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Press Releases

OEB 2019 announces ‘Spotlight Stage’ lineup

The Spotlight Stage returns to OEB Global, Europe’s top education and learning technology event, Berlin, 27-29 November; Spotlight Stage to be opened by social age writer and commentator Julian Stodd; promises left-field inspiration, entertainment and provocat

OEB 2019: Reassessing roles in learning

OEB 2019, Berlin, 27-29 November, will look at the evolution in the roles of learning professionals: from agile L&D teams to supporting, developing and certifying online teaching in higher education.

OEB Global 2019: Das Lernen neu entdecken

Bildung muss heute grundlegend neu gedacht und gestaltet werden, um der zunehmenden Forderung nach lebenslangem Lernen ebenso gerecht zu werden wie einem zu erwartenden höheren Maß an Freizeit.

Schulforum der OEB 2018 mit Fokus auf Lernen im digitalen Wandel

Das Schulforum im Rahmen der OEB folgt dem diesjährigen Motto der Konferenz und Messe: “Learning to Love Learning”. Dabei widmen sich die Beiträge und Debatten am 5. Dezember zwischen 15 bis 18 Uhr im Hotel InterContinental Berlin der Theorie und Praxis der Digitalisierung in der Schule.

‘All Learning Should Be Fun’ - The Big Debate

Do you remember that boring teacher who put you off what could have been your favourite subject? But what about the other teacher whose lessons were so enjoyable that you couldn’t wait for the next one?

Exhibition and sponsors announced for expanded OEB event in Berlin

OEB Global, now incorporating Learning Technologies Germany, has announced its sponsors for its 2018 event, taking place in Berlin this December; 100 suppliers will take part in the combined OEB-Learning Technologies Germany exhibition - a showcase of education and le


The global education and training sector has been warned that it is “hurtling towards massive change without a plan.”

Astrid Jaeger, Managing Director of OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH, which organises OEB Global, Europe’s leading conference on technology assisted learning and training, said today (Thursday) that the education sector will have to change “fundamentally and quickly” to cope with new demands created by rapid technological change.

OEB Global 2017: Call for “More Flexible Education Systems” and Training for Teachers

Education systems will need to be much more flexible, in order to cope with the demands of an age of increasing uncertainty. And teachers must be trained not only to teach, but also to redesign their institutions to keep up with the pace of change in society. These are just two of the recommendations set to be made by education and technology experts, taking part in OEB Global 2017, Europe’s largest conference on technology assisted learning and training.

OEB Global 2017 Presents the Future of Education in a Rapidly Changing World

This year’s OEB Global conference explores the future of digital education. Over 2,300 attendees from the worldwide academic, corporate, and public sectors are expected at this year’s OEB Global in Berlin, making it the largest international conference and exhibition focusing on educational and learning technologies.