Tech scores with robots in Brazil

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BRICS and mortarboards

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Something pixelated in the state of Denmark

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Out of Kontakt

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Antisocial networking

As MOOCs move into their second phase, the knives are coming out: questions have been raised about their effectiveness, their openness – and now, about ownership and copyright. News has also come in this week a... Read More

From hackerspace to outer space

The Web turned 25 yesterday, and its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, took the opportunity to call for a bill of online rights to defend users against surveillance. Meanwhile as Iran considers scaling down its censorship, Turkey’s Erdoğan is considering banning Face... Read More

Loggerhead turtles – a varnishing species?

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Congo Robocop

This week in Around the World, discover the small-scale tech innovation projects that could have a huge impact on the world of tomorrow, from Congolese robotics to Estonian startups. Meanwhile, Swiss languages ... Read More