Give me a drone where the buffalo roam…

Stories from Ukraine have sobered the widespread adulation previously given by gushing journalists to social and communicative media since the revolutions in the Arab world. We previously reported on the text m... Read More
by Mstislav Chernov

Blogging, bloating, and other stories…

It’s a series of upsides and downsides this week in Around the World, with stories of technology’s incredible ability to inspire, empower, annoy – and even oppress. In Kenya, an innovative app is providing eye ... Read More

Refrigerated spam? (and other internet trimmings)

The line between innovation and frivolity is very thin. This week, Around the World reports on a very silly “serious game” and a haywire kitchen appliance that could become a menace to us all… alongside more level-headed news of the resurrection of Kazakhstan’... Read More

Sexual E-L’ing (and other stories)

E-Learning is a vital tool for development, and not just in “developing” countries. This week Around the World looks at how ICT can both develop Nigeria’s burgeoning economy and improve the lives of Britain’s p... Read More

The smart schools of 2014, and other stories

Around the World is off on its winter holidays next week: so this week we’re looking forward to 2014, with a selection of stories about the technologies, innovators and trends that will affect people’s lives in... Read More

The cutting-edge chopping-board, and other stories

a steak dinner (medium rare) c.2095(the white stripe in the middle is Bearnaise sauce) ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is less than a week away! And, as usual from Around the World, here are six items to whet your appetite for the main event: a mixture of exciting dev... Read More