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Pre-Conference Workshop FD1

FD1 - Speexx Exchange 2023 – The Event for Curious HR and L&D Minds – Humanizing Work in an AI World

Date Wednesday, Nov 22  Time   –    Room Bellevue   Price: free of charge   Status: places available

Workshop leaders

OEB speaker Laura Overton

Laura Overton

Analyst - Explorer - Writer - Facilitator, Learning Changemakers, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Jo Cook

Jo Cook

Live online learning specialist, Lightbulb Moment, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Anca Iordache

Anca Iordache

Career Development Activation Leader, Microsoft, Switzerland

OEB speaker Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Sr Director Employee Skilling, Microsoft

OEB speaker Simon Brown

Simon Brown

Chief Learning Officer, Novartis, Switzerland

OEB speaker Paul Ashcroft

Paul Ashcroft

Co-Founder and Partner, The Ludic Group / The Curious Advantage

OEB speaker Garrick Jones

Garrick Jones

Co-Founder and Partner, The Ludic Group / The Curious Advantage

OEB speaker Serena Gonsalves-Fersch

Serena Gonsalves-Fersch

Global Head of Talent, SoftwareONE

OEB speaker Mike Byrne

Mike Byrne

Vice President Sales, EMEA, Docebo

OEB speaker Andy Wooler

Andy Wooler

Senior Vice President, Product Management, Learning Systems and Integrations, Area9 Lyceum

OEB speaker Geraldine Voost

Geraldine Voost

Global L&D Manager, Bronkhorst High-Tech, Netherlands

OEB speaker Armin Hopp

Armin Hopp

Gründer und Vorstand , Speexx, Germany

  • The annual reality check on the state of digital corporate learning and coaching
  • Speexx Exchange is a hybrid event: Network with industry peers in person and online
  • Be inspired by leading keynote speakers, HR and L&D leaders, hands-on workshops and many best practice cases from large organizations
  • Our promise: We won´t push product - the floor is all yours

Speexx Exchange 2023 Agenda

8.00 am CET - 9.00 am CET | Breakfast & Registration
9.00 am CET - 9.20 am CET | Welcome to Speexx Exchange | Introduction by Laura Overton, Jo Cook and Armin Hopp
Welcome and introductions. Join us as Laura sets the scene for the day and outlines why humanizing work in an AI driven world is the key to success.
Laura Overton | Conference Chair
Jo Cook | International Speaker & Director and Digital Facilitator | Lightbulb Moment  
Armin Hopp & Speexx  
9.20 am CET – 9.50 CET | Humanising Work in an AI World | Keynote
Working with AI – positioning, opportunities and challenges. The Microsoft perspective.

Brian Murphy | Keynote Speaker | Microsoft
 Coffee Break
10.10 am CET - 11.30 pm CET | Getting Ready for our Future Careers
The role of corporate academies in establishing employer readiness and the role of listening today for readiness tomorrow.
 Serena Gonsalves-Ferche | Global Head of Talent and Academy | SoftwareONE
Anca Iordache | Career Development | Microsoft
 Interactive session focusing on the implication of AI for future careers and what change can professionals influence in HR and L&D in building future skills.
 Coffee Break
11.45 am CET - 12.45 pm CET | AI Augmented L&D and HR – Tips and Tools | Case Study & Round Table
This panel will include experience-based practical tips and tricks for HR and L&D professionals to make the most out of the use of AI in their day-to-day work.
 Get involved: Includes Q&A, both online and offline
Mike Byrne | VP of Sales | Docebo
Armin Hopp | Founder | Speexx
Gerladine Voost | Global Learning & Development Manager | Bronkhors
Andy Wooler | SVP, Product Management | Area9 Lyceum
 Lunch Break
2.00 pm CET - 3.30 pm CET | Curiosity in Times of AI Disruption | Workshop Session
How can we (re-)kindle our personal curiosity and experiment more? One interactive session. Three renowned experts. Includes breakout rooms and interactive workshops

 The Curious Advantage – Developing our Superpowers! – Interactive workshop focusing on leveraging advantage of personal curiosity in an AI world
Simon Brown | Chief Learning Officer | Novartis
Garrick Jones | Co-Founder and Partner | The Ludic Group
Paul Ashcroft | Co-Founder and Partner | The Ludic Group
3.30 pm CET - 4.30 pm CET | Now What – Where do we go from here? | Panel Session
Panel discussion with all speakers and audience, about the next steps for HR and L&D in an AI driven world.

 Cocktail Hour