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Pre-Conference Workshop FD2

FD2 - EnABLing Team-Based Approaches to Learning Design

Date Wednesday, Nov 22  Time   –    Room Check   Price: 180.00 €   Status: places available

OEB speaker Andy Clegg

Andy Clegg

Interim Head of Academic Development, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Maria Hutchinson

Maria Hutchinson

Senior Lecturer in Learning Design, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

This pre-conference workshop focuses on the enABLe initiative, which supports team-based learning design in Higher Education. Participants will explore the enABLe toolkit, gain experience in collaborative learning design, engage in hands-on activities and develop detailed storyboards for new course development.

Key takeaways include understanding active blended learning principles, increased knowledge of team-based approaches, and how enABLe can inform policy and practice.


10:30-10:45: Welcome and Scene Setting
This introductory session will introduce participants to enABLe and the overall aims of the workshop. 

10:45 -13:30
enABLe #1: Creating Shared a Vision and Values
Participants will use the values card exercise to identify their shared values that will underpin intended course development. This will be used to create an overall vision for the intended course including a short Twitter strapline.

enABLe #2: Getting Started with Course Design
Using the enABLe toolkit resources, participants will focus on developing the overall design architecture for a new online course. Using the enABLe course creator, participants will be asked to consider the following elements: course rationale, course learning outcomes, learning and teaching strategy, and assessment and feedback strategy. 

13:30-14:30 Lunch

enABLE #3: Storyboarding Course Design
With the course creator in place, the participants will then produce a detailed storyboard to map out the overall course and modular structure, and the related learning and teaching approaches, and assessment strategy for each module.

enABLe#4: Creating Context – Activity Creator
Using the context creator and activity / e-tivity planning resources, participants will have the opportunity to practically create a series of tasks that could be integrated into the planned module. This session provides an opportunity to reflect on the asynchronous/synchronous nature of task generation, and the incorporation of appropriate technologies. 

Summary and Close 


This workshop will be of value to educators, curriculum developers, instructional designers, faculty development professionals, and administrators seeking to enhance their teaching practices. 

Whether a beginner looking for foundational insights or an advanced practitioner aiming to refine their approach, this workshop caters to all levels of expertise. Participants will be immersed in actionable strategies to create engaging learning experiences and enhance student engagement.

Join us to unlock the power of collaborative learning and elevate your educational impact!