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The Big Reset: Adapting to a New Educational Landscape

Date Friday, Nov 24  Time   –   

In our ever-evolving technological landscape, recent advancements, especially in conversational and generative AI, are on the brink of catalysing a profound transformation in the realm of education and student assessment. These developments challenge the traditional educational paradigm, shifting the spotlight from educators to learners. The question arises: can we do anything other than wholeheartedly embrace these changes? What novel opportunities emerge to enhance the design of teaching and learning?
Join us in this thought-provoking plenary session as we delve into the transformative impact of emerging technology on the education landscape. As we stand on the precipice of a world where machines will increasingly perform tasks previously undertaken by humans, we must contemplate the essence of learning itself. Does learning still hold relevance and promise in this brave new world? We'll also explore the critical question: In a world where skills for jobs that may soon be exerted by machines, what role is left for human learning?

Together, let's explore what sets us apart from machines and chart a course towards a reimagined future for education.

Our Keynote Speakers at this Plenary will include:

OEB speaker Brent Anders

Brent Anders

Director of Institutional Research and Analysis, Center for Teaching and Learning, Lecturer , American University of Armenia, Armenia

OEB speaker Margaret Korosec

Margaret Korosec

Dean of Online and Digital Education, University of Leeds, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Sian Bayne

Sian Bayne

Professor of Digital Education, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Gilly Salmon

Gilly Salmon

CEO, Education Alchemists. Ltd, United Kingdom