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22 – 24, 2023

Spotlight Talk

Three Degrees of Freedom: Engagement, Flow and Feedback in Virtual Reality Systems

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –   

While virtual reality systems have been in circulation since the 1990s, the concept of VR and three dimensional environments go back to Charles Wheatstone in the late nineteenth century. But while VR does date back that far, meaningful, interactive and engaging experiences are really only beginning to become widespread today.

With a new lease of life with XR, VR, AR and Games technologies are just beginning to take hold and over the pandemic lockdowns a greater priority is being placed upon stepping beyond 2D video communications and developing a sense of presence. This talk aims to provide an up-to-date view on where the research and technology stands today, bringing together an overview of the meta reviews in the fields of research, looking at the new technologies and how lightweight they are becoming, considering the market and highlighting case studies of interest.

The talk aims to inform the participants of the state of the art in virtual technologies and foreground the future for immersive technologies as a whole. Participants will leave the talk knowing more about VR systems of today, having a good feel for where the current research is and will understand the main questions and considerations for the future of the technology. The talk will appeal to academics, researchers and industry managers and specialists and provide food for thought for policy making and practitioners.

  • The talk will provide an overview of the current VR systems in circulation today.
  • The talk will provide an overview of the current research on VR systems.
  • The talk will provide a good understanding of future directions for VR systems usage and research.

OEB speaker Sara de Freitas

Sara de Freitas

BT Professor, Director of the Digital Futures Institute and DigiTech Centre, University of Suffolk, UK, Wey Education Plc, United Kingdom


OEB speaker Ildiko Mazar

Ildiko Mazar

European Digital Credentials for Learning Implementation Support, NTT Data, Spain