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22 – 24, 2023

OEB speaker Sara de Freitas

Sara de Freitas

BT Professor, Director of the Digital Futures Institute and DigiTech Centre, University of Suffolk, UK, Wey Education Plc, United Kingdom

Sara is a leading international educator in online and game-based education. She is the Executive Director of Education at the award-winning Wey Education PLC. Sara has held senior roles in research and education in 6 universities in the UK and Australia, as Director of Research, Pro and Deputy Vice-Chancellor. She has held professorships for 15 years, leading 58 Research and development projects. As an author and speaker, she has published seven books and 100 scientific papers. Sara is a Non-Executive Board member for Sunderland University, and has received honors and awards from the Royal Society, University of London and the Business Excellence Institute.