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27 – 29, 2024

Boardroom Dialogue

A Virtual Avatar Tutoring on the Talent Development Capability Model

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room King

In this presentation, we focus on the design and development of a training experience enhanced by UBI-NAO: a virtual avatar used for tutoring purposes in topics related to the ATD Talent Development Capability Model.

In recent years, corporates have increasingly adopted and exploited Virtual Avatars (VA) as part of their training practices. Nowadays and in light of the upcoming Metaverse, VA could be implemented as part of Mixed Reality (MR) scenes usable by organisations for training purposes aspiring to be efficient, immersive, appealing, and usable in a realistic setting.

We will illustrate how we exercise design and development aiming to address organisational requirements, striving to shift their practices across contexts in light of COVID-related challenges. Finally, we will present our recommendations for the best integration of AR supported by MR for organisations seeking to exploit such technologies for their training purposes.

Participants attending the session would benefit from the mentioned learning outcomes presented in a manner they would be invited to adopt and adapt in their realistic and organisational environment.


  • Considerations and requirements prior to the deployment of tutoring with Virtual Avatars (AR) in Mixed Reality (MR)
  • Design and Development of Technology usable for Enhancing Learning across context and settings.
  • Illustration of a realistic case focused on the Talent Development Capability Model.

OEB speaker Dan Kohen-Vacs

Dan Kohen-Vacs

Head of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel