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27 – 29, 2024

Presentation Panel

Immerse To Learn: 360 Degree Video and VR in Workplace Training

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Potsdam III

This session starts with an overview on why and how XR technology is useful in training, and which are the usual hurdles and mistakes when implementing XR in the field of training. You will also find examples of immersive VR training, both in the corporate and humanitarian sector. Such trainings not only offer a realistic and exciting way to train practical skills, but they also offer a hypothetical space to look at problems from inside. Come, see and hear how VR can be a truly contextualised, collaborative and engaging tool to train employees.

OEB speaker Paulyn Duman

Paulyn Duman

Knowledge Management, Communications, and Reporting Officer, United Nations System Staff College Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development, Germany

OEB speaker Christoph Zelke

Christoph Zelke

Senior project manager, TUV Rheinland Academy, Germany


OEB speaker Dan Kohen-Vacs

Dan Kohen-Vacs

Head of Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Instructional Technologies, Holon Institute of Technology (HIT), Israel

Simple VR Learning Nuggets as a Breakthrough for the Digitisation of Classroom Instruction, Christoph Zelke

Using Interactive 360-Degree Videos to Drive Sustainable Development Concepts to Practitioners, Paulyn Duman