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Powering Up the Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Higher Education

Date Thursday, Nov 24  Time   –    Room Schoeneberg I/II/III

In an era of near ubiquitous internet provision, and powerful, smart devices almost all delivery of content has “gone blended”. The question is: how do you implement effective blends that make the most of the content and technology available. Speakers in this session will share different approaches on how to set up a blended learning programme. Come prepared to also share your insights and experiences!

OEB speaker Denis Staskewitsch

Denis Staskewitsch

Sales Director, Panopto, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Peter Dekker

Peter Dekker

Educational Consultant, Amsterdam University of Applied Science, Netherlands

OEB speaker Judith Vennix

Judith Vennix

Programme Manager, RUAS, Netherlands


OEB speaker Alejandro Armellini

Alejandro Armellini

Dean of Digital and Distributed Learning, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Learning in the Hybrid Age: Disassembling and Reassembling

The Classroom, Reimagined. How Universities Are Leveraging Virtual Learning as a Cornerstone of the In-Person experience, Denis Staskewitsch

Critical Factors for Implementing Blended Learning Across an Institution, Peter Dekker

Implementing Blended Learning as an Organisational Science, Judith Vennix