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23 – 25


Learning Café

"Pick your Corner" - Visioning and Achieving Viable Futures for Learning

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Tiergarten I/II/III

Just bring yourself and your hopes and turn them into reality by "bouncing" them around with others from different sectors, countries and experiences. A fast, active, interactive and visual practical session, with follow up images after the physical conference. In the uncertain and challenging post-COVID-19 educational world, there are four main ways for surviving and thriving in the near and further future. You need to focus, focus, and achieve.


  • Use your existing capabilities, capacity and technologies to comprehensively and extensively solve problems and increase the quality of learning.
  • Be bold with entirely digital learning and open up new outreach prospects for your learners.
  • Look to deploy more imagination, insight and prototyping to "harness" commercial technologies in the service of learning.
  • Take a radical view of new missions, markets and technologies "just over the horizon".
  • …and take the world by storm.

OEB speaker Alejandro Armellini

Alejandro Armellini

Dean of Digital and Distributed Learning, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Gilly Salmon

Gilly Salmon

Professor & Principal Consultant , Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Rod Angood

Rod Angood

Managing and Visual Director, Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom