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22 – 24, 2023

Learning Café

"Pick your Corner" - Visioning and Achieving Viable Futures for Learning

Date Friday, Nov 25  Time   –    Room Tiergarten I/II/III

Just bring yourself and your hopes and turn them into reality by "bouncing" them around with others from different sectors, countries and experiences. A fast, active, interactive and visual practical session, with follow up images after the physical conference. In the uncertain and challenging post-COVID-19 educational world, there are four main ways for surviving and thriving in the near and further future. You need to focus, focus, and achieve.


  • Use your existing capabilities, capacity and technologies to comprehensively and extensively solve problems and increase the quality of learning.
  • Be bold with entirely digital learning and open up new outreach prospects for your learners.
  • Look to deploy more imagination, insight and prototyping to "harness" commercial technologies in the service of learning.
  • Take a radical view of new missions, markets and technologies "just over the horizon".
  • …and take the world by storm.

OEB speaker Andy Clegg

Andy Clegg

Interim Head of Academic Development, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Alejandro Armellini

Alejandro Armellini

Dean of Digital and Distributed Learning, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Gilly Salmon

Gilly Salmon

Professor & Principal Consultant , Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom

OEB speaker Rod Angood

Rod Angood

Managing and Visual Director, Education Alchemists Ltd, United Kingdom