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Berlin, November 23 — 25, 2022



Schools in Transformation, Making the Most of Strategic Changes

Date Thursday, Dec 2  Time   –    Room Bishop

We will examine whole-school, whole-system, whole-community approaches of schools that embrace change.


OEB speaker Rosa Garcia Calero

Rosa Garcia Calero

Programme Director, eLearning Africa


OEB speaker Asha Alexander

Asha Alexander

Principal of GEMS Legacy School and Executive Leader - Climate Change, GEMS Education , United Arab Emirates

OEB speaker Kader Adjout

Kader Adjout

Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Beaver Country Day School

OEB speaker Kevin Fullbrook

Kevin Fullbrook

director, Al-Bayan Bilingual School, Kuwait

Anti-fragile Schools: Building Strong, Resilient Organisations That Thrive on Change, Kevin Fullbrook

Beyond Resilience: Learning by Doing for Deeper Learning and Deeper Engagement, Kader Adjout

Empowering Student Agency through Collaboration, Asha Alexander