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OEB speaker Rosa Garcia Calero

Rosa Garcia Calero

Programme Director, eLearning Africa, Spain

Rosa García Calero works as independent consultant in the field of education and ICTs. Starting as the International Relationship Manager in the Spanish Association of Educational Centres (CECE), she worked on building European and international networks and managing EU projects in the field of education and ICTs. She became Vice-President of EFVET (European Forum of Vocational Education and Training) and was also a member of the council of various other European Associations directly linked with education. She has managed different EU projects and, as an evaluator and reviewer of the European Commission, has focused on projects related to innovation and ICT practices for education and training. Rosa is highly committed to the future of education worldwide and in Africa in particular. In 2010, Rosa started working for the eLearning Africa conference, and in 2017 she became its Programme Director.