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23 – 25


Discovery Demos

Discovery Demos

Discovery Demos allow you to test tools, next generation materials and pre-release free products for learning and training. Developers and creators will be present with laptops at standing tables, giving you the chance to see their work up close and interact on an informal, one-to-one basis.


OEB speaker Rosa Garcia Calero

Rosa Garcia Calero

Programme Director, eLearning Africa, Spain


OEB speaker Telmo Zarraonandia

Telmo Zarraonandia

Assistant Professor, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid , Spain

OEB speaker André Dietrich

André Dietrich

Researcher, TU-Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

OEB speaker Elisabeth Kaliva

Elisabeth Kaliva

Scientific Lead Digital Open Learning Lab, Köln International School of Design TH Köln, Germany

iLikeIT2 - A New Way of Collaboration with Educational Technology

Agile, Competence-based Learning with User-co-created, Expandable Social Learning Environments, Elisabeth Kaliva

Shiny New e-Learning Platforms: Great for Business, a Dead-end for Online Education?, André Dietrich

Immersive Mixed Realities Technologies for Learning, Telmo Zarraonandia