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23 – 25


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Thinking of Choosing a Learning Platform? Seven Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

Choosing a technology solution for your institution. How to do this is really important for your institution technically, contextually and culturally.

We will look at seven areas where simple changes can transform the engagement between learning platform suppliers and institutions. These create an environment of mutual trust whereby the suppliers seek to understand in depth what is wanted and formulate the best solution as a result. It is a proven approach which leads to clear outcomes.

Learning Outcomes:
A proven process to choose new systems and platforms
How to avoid the pitfalls of traditional procurement
What steps are needed to engage fully with suppliers
How to treat suppliers as 'partners' in finding the best solution for you

The workshop will be interactive – with an opportunity to discuss the challenges that participants face in the practical aspects of making change happen within their organisations.


OEB speaker Graham Hudson

Graham Hudson

Special Adviser, GA Partnership/e-Assessment Association, United Kingdom