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23 – 25


Learning Cafés

How to Influence Performance with Help of Data

How can L&D succeed in making the shift from providing only formal learning solutions to a mix of solutions that will impact organisational results? How can we show these results in practice?

This Learning Café is based on a 70:20:10 case study of the Bronkhorst L&D team. It will demonstrate the importance of using data in order to design learning and non-learning solutions to support organisations.

We’ll start with sharing lessons learnt and key principles of our data-driven approach, and look forward to discussing the common challenges and solutions for organisations with you.


- Learn a methodology to use data to design learning and non-learning solutions to support the organisation

- Strengthen your L&D role and find solutions beyond formal learning activities

- Get 5 lessons learnt from the case at Bronkhorst, which you can use in your own practice


OEB speaker Vivian Heijnen

Vivian Heijnen

Co-Founder, Tulser / 70:20:10 Institute, Netherlands

OEB speaker Geraldine Voost

Geraldine Voost

Global L&D Manager, BRONKHORST HIGH-TECH, Netherlands