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23 – 25


OEB speaker Vivian Heijnen

Vivian Heijnen

Co-Founder, Tulser / 70:20:10 Institute, Netherlands

Vivian’s strength is her strategic thinking combined with pragmatism and a knife-like focus on execution. She has consulted on a wide range of projects at every level for the implementation of informal and formal solutions. Her projects have covered management development change, the implementation of electronic patient files, sales improvement in Pharmacy and Construction industry and across other areas. Vivian’s strengths are in a total focus on the execution of the Performance Detective tasks, and of those of the Performance Tracker and the Performance Game Changer. She is co author of several publications, books and articles, for instance: 70:20:10 Towards 100% performance together with Jos Arets and Charles Jennings. Besides all this she is a former facilitator of the HPI certificate program and the training certificate program of ATD and she regularly speaks on (international) conferences (ATD ICE, OEB).