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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

Panel Presentation LTG132

UX and LX Design

Date Thursday, Nov 28  Time   –    Room Charlottenburg III

Once, the role of L&D was simple. We created courses and we delivered them. Now it's more complicated, and rightly so - we know far more about how people learn, and we have a wider range of tools to create great learning content for them. But what does it really mean to create a great user experience, or superior learning experience design? Our panel will shine a light on this issue, revealing why excellent learning design goes well beyond creating good looking content.


OEB speaker Jon Kennard

Jon Kennard

Training Journal, UK


OEB speaker Dagmara Glowa

Dagmara Glowa

Zalando SE, Germany

Learning Experience Design - Can Someone Please Explain?

OEB speaker Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter

IMD, Switzerland

Digital Learning 4.0: Seven Secrets of Impactful Digital Learning Guaranteeing Success Where Others Have Failed

OEB speaker Nigel Berrington

Nigel Berrington

European Patent Office, Germany

Our Journey of Effectiveness at the European Patent Office