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Berlin, December 2 - 4, 2020

OEB speaker Dagmara Glowa

Dagmara Glowa

Zalando SE, Germany

I view Learning & Development as a kind of service which follows a similar life-cycle to product development. It is said that the term 'learning experience design' was coined in 2007 - that is when I began my career in a traditional classroom setting as a teacher of Business English. The format never felt quite right to me and soon, I started to explore how technology can support my students in their learning journey. 12 years later, having gone through the blended learning hype and e-Learning craze in the corporate world, having tested every available content authoring tool on the market, experimented with a full array of digital learning platforms - I have come to realize that the principles behind successful learning are similar to those behind building long-lasting habits, regardless of how advanced the technology is and how eager we are to assume that digital means better.

I work as a learning manager for the tech division of Zalando, a major online fashion platform from Germany, often recognized as one of the biggest success cases in the European e-commerce industry. Every day, I talk to people whose expertise makes it into the 10 top tech skills in demand on the market.

As passionate as my audience is about technology, professional growth in a dynamic corporate environment does not follow the rule of one size fits all. What are the challenges tech-related roles experience today? How does the corporate learning landscape look like in such a vibrant business model? How to deal with the abundance of digital learning platforms available on the market and choose the 'right' one? Please connect with me and I'll be more than happy to share my insights with you. 


Session LTG132