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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Interactive Breakout Session ENG58

The Learning Educators Love

Date Friday, Dec 8  Time   –   

The concrete cases presented in this session revolve around the effective use of technologies to improve educators’ basic didactic and technical skills. How can teachers be presented with techniques to use social media tools more effectively and innovatively? How can they be inspired to take part in MOOCs? And apart from motivation, what has been the impact of their professional development?

OEB speaker Riitta Suominen

Riitta Suominen

University of Tampere, Yksityinen kielitoimisto, Finland

Which Five Skills Teachers Need to Survive in Rapidly Changing Online World?

OEB speaker Marit Nieuwenhuys

Marit Nieuwenhuys

Risbo - Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Authentic Teacher Development

OEB speaker Gordana Benat

Gordana Benat

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, Croatia

When Providing ICT in Schools Is not All that It Takes: e-Schools Learning Scenarios as a Support to Innovative Teaching with ICT

OEB speaker Vasilis Tsilivis

Vasilis Tsilivis

Arnos Online Education, Greece

Teacher’s Uncertainty vs. Learning Formalism: Dawn of Dynamic Engagement