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Berlin, December 5 – 7, 2018

Panel Presentation Session EMP04

Provocations for Innovation: Are We Ready to Educate Creative Makers and Shapers?

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –   

To support strong civil societies and the development of a future-ready, changeable and creative workforce our education systems require an urgent rethink and reimagining. As we move rapidly towards the second half of the 21st Century creative, collaborative and ‘transversal’ themes need to be introduced to our education systems. Innovations in teaching and learning, supporting the development of new thinking - and additions to the current set of higher-order skills will form the new ‘essential skills’. Conservative interest groups in government, administration, trade unions and commercial organisations continue to put up obstacles to change that has been in discussion since the early 1990’s.
Within this setting it is essential and urgent to prepare creative 'makers and shapers' who will thrive in a rapidly changing and highly creative environment. This presentation will bring together a panel of experts to instigate a thought-provoking discussion and drive breakthrough thinking.

OEB speaker Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton

EdTech Ventures, Ireland

What Van Gogh Had to Say About Change and Transformation

OEB speaker Niels-Peder Osmundsen Hjøllund

Niels-Peder Osmundsen Hjøllund

University College Copenhagen, Denmark

From 21st Century Skills to 21st Century Human Beings

OEB speaker Donna Eiby

Donna Eiby

4th Industrial, Australia

Winning as a Human: Unlocking Your Potential for the Workplace of the Future

OEB speaker Danny Gooris

Danny Gooris

Oracle Academy, Belgium

Oracle Academy: Your Gateway to the Future