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22 – 24, 2023

Panel Presentation Session ACC29

Emerging Technology to Develop Learner Engagement and Increase Impact on Language Learning Outcomes

Date Thursday, Dec 7  Time   –    Room Rook

In this session, those involved in online language teaching will find out what it takes to build engaging online courses for virtual language learning. How can we use learning analytics? Can communicative approaches be incorporated into online learning at scale - and what impact will this have on the learner experience? In addition, you will hear which features of an online platform will best facilitate collaborative online language learning and how VR, AR and social media can be integrated into online learning offerings.

OEB speaker Chris Cavey

Chris Cavey

Open Learning Manager, British Council, UK

OEB speaker Tor Brænde

Tor Brænde

E-learning Teacher, Nettskolen Vestfold, Norway

OEB speaker Andrew Nye

Andrew Nye

Assistant Director, Cambridge Assessment English, UK

OEB speaker Geoff Stead

Geoff Stead

Director of Digital & New Products, Cambridge Assessment English, UK

OEB speaker Lieselot Declercq

Lieselot Declercq

Coordinator, D-Teach, Belgium


OEB speaker Peter Isackson

Peter Isackson

Managing Director, Skillscaper, France