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OEB speaker Peter Isackson

Peter Isackson

Managing Director, Skillscaper, France

Peter Isackson has worked in France for over 30 years as a consultant, trainer, coach and trainer of trainers. A prolific author, producer and publisher of a wide range of multimedia and e-learning products, he has acquired a reputation as a pioneer in the use of new technology in training, collaborating with multiple publishers in Europe and the US. He has authored programs on sales techniques, foreign languages, intercultural skills, team management and sustainable development. 

He is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of SkillScaper, proposing next generation authoring tools, methods and content for learning in a Web 2.0 context. 

Since 2015 he has collaborated on educational projects launched by the crowd-sourced online journal, Fair Observer, contributed numerous articles on culture, politics and education and is a member of the Fair Advisory Committee. He is the creator and writer of a daily feature, the Daily Devil's Dictionary.

Peter is currently spearheading the launch of Fair Observer Education, a European NGO which links various initiatives in the field of education with the journalistic innovations of Fair Observer.

In 1995 Peter Isackson was a member of the steering committee that founded Online Educa Berlin. He is an expert with the European Commission in the area of TEL (technology enhanced learning).