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22 – 24, 2023


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Coming up on March 29 at 13:00 CET: Fostering Digital Curiosity

Next Free OEBcast webinar on March 29 at 13:00 CET:
Fostering Digital Curiosity

The critical role of Academia in preparing students for the Global Digital Economy

Valeria Fomina

 Valeria Fomina
Educational Technology Specialist, Cypher Learning

With the uncertainties of the Global Digital Economy, academic institutions should foster a culture of digital curiosity to prepare and ensure that students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed once they enter the real world.
Rapid technological advancement requires academic institutions to keep up. In this webinar, the discussion will revolve around skills development and the power of gamification to complement a mindset about why continuous learning can ensure that students get endless growth opportunities and attain global value.

Valeria Fomina, Educational Technology Specialist at Cypher Learning



Focus areas:

  • Explore how Skills development can prepare and equip students with future-ready skills to increase global opportunities;
  • Discuss the discrepancy between the skills that businesses seek and those that recent graduates of universities possess.
  • Share the benefits of gamification to make learning more interactive and exciting and shift the chore-like mindset away from students.

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