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Nurture Academic Excellence: Foster original thinking with formative feedback in the AI Era

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In this digital, AI-enabled era, education is facing considerable change, with institutions balancing new opportunities with emerging threats and risks. While some say the academic environment is ripe for misconduct, we see another path. A path toward integrity and honesty. A path where students learn what is expected of them and complete their own work. Ultimately, a path that levels the playing field and improves outcomes for students.

In this online panel discussion Dr Alexander Bauer (Associate Professor of Wittenborg University of Applied Science and Associate Lecturer of Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt) and Ali Alam (EdTech Entrepreneur and Chief Entrepreneurship & Innovation Officer, Constructor University) will share their experience and best practices on how to engage with students and ensure academic integrity without diminishing original thinking in the AI Era.

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What new perspectives the rise of AI does add to the conversation on academic integrity

How your institution has adapted its approach to student engagement in light of advancements in AI

What role personalised engagement does play in identifying factors that lead to academic dishonesty and addressing them effectively

If there is a right or wrong culture around ChatGPT and how we are preparing students for what’s next

What some of the innovative ways there are institutions can incorporate awareness of academic integrity into course and assessment design?

Presented by

 Presented by

OEB speaker Alexander Bauer

Alexander Bauer

Associate Professor of Wittenborg University of Applied Science and Associate Lecturer of Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Austria

OEB speaker Ali Alam

Ali Alam

Chief Entrepreneurship and Innovation Officer, Constructor University, Germany

OEB speaker Krista Somers

Krista Somers

Senior Manager, Turnitin, United Kingdom

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