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The global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on
technology supported learning and training

Berlin, November 27 - 29, 2019

Themes 2018

Overall Theme: Learning to Love Learning

Technology is changing society. The way we live and the jobs we do will never be the same again. In twenty years, the world of work will be unlike anything we have ever known. The development of artificial intelligence will allow machines to replace workers in many industries on an unprecedented scale. Humankind will face some fundamental, existential questions. Why are we here? What are we doing? How are we different from the machines? Education will shape our response to the immense challenge of this new age. But education and training will have to change too. So will the nature of employment. Learning will no longer be a brief phase in life. It will become a central part of our existence. In an era of constant and increasing change, we will discover a new appreciation of learning and an understanding of its place in the future. We will learn to love learning.

But how should we change education and training, so that they can play the leading role the future demands of them? How should institutions, organisations and employers adapt to the challenge? How should they prepare for it? What will the effect on individuals, societies and economies be? How can we create flexible, equitable education systems that adapt quickly to meet the demands of constant change? How will vocational training and further education keep up with an unceasing demand for new skills? Will there be a new golden age for higher education? How will technology change our approach to learning? How will it help to place education at the heart of life? How will it inspire a new generation? How will we change the nature of education? How will we learn to love learning?

Instilling curiosity

Curiosity is at the heart of learning. How can we create learning that is attractive? Sessions under this sub-theme will inspire you with powerful ways to use technologies to communicate content. Join them for techniques, theories and methods that fire learners’ desire to know, understand and apply including, amongst others:
⚫ Bite-sized and micro-learning ⚫ Blended learning ⚫ Flipping the classroom ⚫ Gamification and game-based learning ⚫ Informal and formal learning ⚫ Just-in-time and on demand learning ⚫ Mobile learning ⚫ Social, collaborative and peer-to-peer learning ⚫ User-generated content ⚫ Video-based learning

Dynamic learning, training and future-oriented skills

How can we keep learners in focus and people at the centre of change? Sessions under this sub-theme will help anticipate how technologies can be used to convey, learn and train for new skills needed to succeed and to increase performance including, amongst others:
⚫ Creativity, critical thinking, social and cognitive skills ⚫ Deploying off the shelf courses ⚫ Coding and digital talent to manage automation ⚫ Foresight techniques ⚫ Human Capital Management ⚫ Integrated talent management systems ⚫ Partnerships, collaboration and apprenticeships ⚫ Performance support

Nascent technologies to change learning

Do not miss these or you will miss out: sessions under this sub-theme will allow you to discover and benefit from EdTech tools, hardware, smart technologies, solutions and innovations for:
⚫ Adaptive learning and Artificial Intelligence ⚫ Access and open learning & teaching ⚫ Authoring tools ⚫ Augmented, immersive, simulations, virtual and wearables ⚫ Blockchain for education ⚫ Brain-friendly learning and cognitive neuroscience advancements ⚫ Managing content in the cloud ⚫ Robots, virtual tutors, chatbots and machine learning ⚫ Smart apps ⚫ Platforms and Learning Management Systems; features and functionalities

Developing learning professionals’ skills and implementing complex change

The future for learning starts with learning professionals: with educators, faculty, HR and L&D, teachers, trainers and researchers. These sessions are about how learning professionals can use technologies to develop, test and sustain continuous learning cultures within their working environment, including topics such as:
⚫ L&D skills for the future ⚫ Driving engagement: design thinking, user experience design and instructional/learning design ⚫ Inclusion, intercultural/generational and life-long learning ⚫ Leadership (development) as strategic priority ⚫ Marketing/influence ⚫ New research and systems for effective pedagogy ⚫ Teacher training

Measurable results and data collection pay-offs

Are we measuring what we value and valuing what we measure? Join these sessions to debate principles, ethics, the interdependent market, the knowledge oligopoly, and using data to shape learning innovation.
⚫ Benchmarking, effectiveness and quality assurance ⚫ Compliance training ⚫ (HR) Analytics ⚫ GDPR impact and transparent data policies ⚫ Network solutions and administration ⚫ Security and identity ⚫ Student information systems ⚫ Real-time assessment, testing and personalisation ⚫ Unbundling, badges, credentials and certification