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OEB speaker Ronald Owston

Ronald Owston

Research Associate, AI in Higher Education, Contact North | Contact Nord, Canada

Dr Ron Owston is Research Associate, AI in Higher Education, at Contact North I Contact Nord where he plays a pivotal role in the conceptualization, development, and implementation of two AI ground-breaking tools: AI Tutor Pro and AI Teaching Assistant Pro, He will launch the tools at OEB.

AI Tutor Pro is designed to support students in achieving a high level of knowledge and understanding in any subject. Students can select their topic of interest and engage in a dynamic conversation with AI Tutor Pro. The tool starts by posing thought-provoking questions to spark students' curiosity and engagement. They can choose the level of tutoring they need, whether introductory, intermediate, or advanced. The dialogue with AI Tutor Pro involves open-ended questions and responses, fostering an interactive and engaging learning experience. Students can even save a summary of the conversation for future reference, enabling them to revisit important insights and concepts.

AI Teaching Assistant Pro is a tool developed to assist faculty and instructors in automating routine teaching tasks, saving them valuable time. With AI Teaching Assistant Pro, instructors can effortlessly generate multiple-choice quizzes and essay questions on any topic. They can create course syllabi, produce teaching notes, and develop lecture materials. The tool also streamlines the preparation process by helping instructors build content for presentation slides, ensuring engaging and informative classroom experiences.

Dr Owston is also University Professor Emeritus, former Dean of Education, and founding Director of the Institute for Research in Learning Technologies at York University (Canada).

A pioneer in educational technology research, he has spoken at numerous national and international conferences about blended and online learning, authored/co-authored some 50 commissioned studies, and published over 60 articles in top-tier journals. Dr. Owston ranks among the most cited blended learning researchers globally according to Google Scholar.

Contact North | Contact Nord is a non-profit organization that supports rural, remote, and Indigenous higher education students in northern Ontario, Canada. The organization's mandate includes the support of innovation in education and training through testing and applied research of new modes of delivery using technology and the sharing of results and tools worldwide.

Dr Owston can be reached at @email.