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OEB speaker Paula Amiama

Paula Amiama

Global Lead & Product Owner, DB Schenker, Germany

Paula Amiama is a passionate storyteller and engaging speaker, known for her profound insights at the intersection of sustainability, innovation, and education. Born in Argentina and raised in Canada, and currently based in Germany, she possesses a global perspective that fuels her drive to bring about sustainable transformations.

With over 10 years of experience across diverse industries, Paula's non-linear career path and dedication to continuous learning have become her superpower. Her journey includes stops in start-ups, non-profits, and large corporates, leading marketing, innovation, and sustainability efforts. Her ability to bridge knowledge and experiences from different fields provides her with a unique perspective and approach to tackle complex challenges.

Currently, as the global lead for Skilling & Learning products at a prominent logistics provider, Paula leverages her diverse background to design innovative and impactful learning experiences and foster a learning culture.

Driven by her passion for building a thriving world for all, Paula sees learning as the key to unlock society's greatest challenges. Understanding that learning is innate to being human and personal development happens throughout our lives, she strives to spark curiosity in others and reignite the joy of learning. Paula believes that by being intentional about learning, individuals can accelerate their transformation and tap into their full potential.