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OEB speaker Lynn Evans

Lynn Evans

Strategic Director, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Lynn Evans leads the University of Liverpool’s online education portfolio, which it operates in partnership with Kaplan Open Learning.
The University of Liverpool was one of the first UK Universities to offer degrees online. Today it is recognised as a European leader in 100% online postgraduate education, having graduated over 20,000 online students in 171+ countries worldwide.
Lynn is a partnerships and performance specialist, with 20+ years experience in creating value across sectors and in multidisciplinary environments, including media, law and higher education. She was one of the first non-lawyers to be appointed to the board of a legal practice in England and Wales and, since 2012, has led a number of high profile and strategic initiatives for the University of Liverpool.
Lynn’s absolute passion is helping people and organisations to unlock their potential and improve their reach and impact. She is a strategic leader, innovator and problem solver, working purposefully and collaboratively across organisational and disciplinary boundaries to create new sources of value and continually raise the bar on performance and possibility.